HV testing at 50 or 60Hz requires a large power source, often weighing several tonnes, which comes with a large ‘footprint’. The LIFEVIEW® QLF package utilises a Very Low Frequency (0.1Hz) Power Source, cutting down the footprint of your HV Power Source to something that can be wheeled around in a trolley case – allowing access to even the most inhospitable environments.

Combine this with our LIFEVIEW QLF measurement device and you are able to monitor the partial discharge, tan delta, insulation resistance and polarisation index levels of your rotating electrical machine. With a reduced HV source footprint and weight <50kg, when you are working in remote parts of the world, or in cramped conditions, the LIFEVIEW QLF is the definitive tool for your testing needs.


For mobile high voltage testing

  • A truly light weight and portable option for mobile HV testing
  • PD, Tan Delta, PI and IR testing available
  • Measurements up to 24kV at 0.1Hz output
  • Total weight of less than 50kg


  • Bu Hasa Extraction Plant

    Replacement Zone 2 to Zone 1, Abu Dhabi

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  • Esso Petroleum Company Ltd

    Generator Overhaul, Southampton

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  • Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd

    Partial Discharge Monitoring Contract, Abu Dhabi

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  • Kilroot Power Station

    2 pole generator - Major Inspections

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  • Rzeszow CHP Power Station

    Generator Major Overhaul, Poland

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  • Tongonan Geothermal Power Plant

    Stator re-conditioning and rotor rewind of Generator, Philippines

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