Air Gap Flux

Quartzteq have developed tailor made solutions for identifying magnetic air gap flux through consistently monitoring the magnetic state of machines offering owners/operators up-to-date, reliable information regarding machine status.


Reliable measurement and analysis of magnetic flux

  • A solution developed specifically for turbo-alternators

  • Identifies rotor winding shorts and earth faults

  • Simple and low cost flux probe set-up

  • Suitable for operation with LIFEVIEW LIVE or LIFEVIEW MOBILE analysers

The Air Gap Flux Probe measures the air gap flux in the turbo-alternator, between the stator and the rotor with the flux probes installed in the slots of the stator. By measuring and analysing the air-gap flux we are able to determine a shorted turn in the rotor winding which indicates which turn is shorted. Other information, such as eccentricity can also be detected. These probes are compatible with both the LIFEVIEW LIVE and LIFEVIEW MOBILE analysers, offering either permanent or periodic monitoring, and are custom designed and fabricated for each application. One probe is usually installed per machine.

A Choice of Analysers






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