• Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Offering state of the art solutions which provide protection, operational information and ongoing condition monitoring of rotating assets

  •  Condition Monitoring

    Condition Monitoring

    LIFEVIEW® - a fully flexible and modular condition monitoring system designed to evaluate the health of your rotating assets – a key component in reducing total cost ownership

  • Protection and Testing

    Protection and Testing

    A range of devices developed to protect machines whilst in operation with light weight testing options to assist engineers on-site with their maintenance demands

  • Terminal Boxes

    Terminal Boxes

    Supplying an extensive range of uncertified and flameproof terminal boxes to support; new machines or retrofit solutions with full spares support

Welcome to Quartzteq

Quartzteq GmbH (a Quartzelec company) specialises in the development and manufacture of a range of supporting products designed specifically to protect and enhance the operation and lifecycle of your rotating machine assets.

An expert in the field of rotating electrical machines you can take assurance from the 100 years’ experience which is at the core of our development work. A clear understanding of machine related issues allows fully optimised and unique solutions.

As a Quartzteq customer you will benefit from having unique access to the technical expertise and service offering of the Quartzelec organisation, available to support you with additional testing, installation, maintenance or commissioning support and all there to offer additional peace of mind.

Why Quartzteq - at a glance

  • Leading industry expertise

  • Solutions designed to protect rotating machine assets

  • Continuous product development – extending machine lifecycles to meet operational demands

  • ATEX and IECEx certification

  • Flexible and modular solutions to condition monitoring

  • A network of supporting service facilities at a global and local level

Working Together With:

  • Bu Hasa Extraction Plant

    Replacement Zone 2 to Zone 1, Abu Dhabi

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  • Esso Petroleum Company Ltd

    Generator Overhaul, Southampton

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  • Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd

    Partial Discharge Monitoring Contract, Abu Dhabi

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  • Kilroot Power Station

    2 pole generator - Major Inspections

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  • Rzeszow CHP Power Station

    Generator Major Overhaul, Poland

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  • Tongonan Geothermal Power Plant

    Stator re-conditioning and rotor rewind of Generator, Philippines

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Venezuela and Panama
Spain and Portugal
Belgium, Netherland and Luxembourg
United Arab Emirates
The Philippines
United Kingdom
Nigeria & Ghana
South Korea

Why Quartzteq

Industry Experts

With our 100 year legacy, we understand the fundamental concepts of how rotating machines are designed, built and operate; understanding the complexities of AC and DC, induction and synchronous, motors and generators


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LIFEVIEW® Condition Monitoring offers a modular approach to building a condition monitoring solution right for your application, with optional add-on’s for multiple parameter monitoring including partial discharge, shaft voltage & more


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For all rotating assets; on & off line, anytime, anywhere. Our product range is built to protect your machines – HV motors & generators (turbo & hydro), pumps, fans, gearboxes, Ex machines – we have a solution. Protecting your machine, safeguarding your assets


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