A flexible and modular approach to condition monitoring to suit your specific maintenance and monitoring requirements


Typical 4-pole generators, diesel generators, wind turbine generators – work horses of the modern industrial world. From power generation and energy, oil and gas through to process and manufacturing environments – electrical generators provide electrical power, continuously and often in harsh environments.

Installation of condition monitoring should be at the heart of your maintenance strategy to ensure optimal operation and Quartzteq’s LIFEVIEW® system has been developed by machine experts, offering online and offline monitoring with full support available.


Generator Monitoring Solutions:

Choice of LIFEVIEW Analysers:

  • LIFEVIEW PDA II is our cost-effective solution for Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring, along with options for Shaft Voltage and Air Gap Flux - a device focused on 24/7 data collection that can be easily downloaded or viewed remotely
  • LIFEVIEW MOBILE is our mobile solution for periodic online PD measurements, along with options for Shaft Voltage and Air Gap Flux, that can be easily transported and deployed at site
  • LIFEVIEW LIVE - the solution for your most critical asset with multiple parameter monitoring capability

Multiple Parameter Measurements with:


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