A permanent installation, continuously monitoring the health of your HV machines. LIFEVIEW® LIVE is the ultimate in multiple parameter analysis and has been specifically designed for those critical assets, continuously monitoring a machine online, throughout its operational life. With permanent access you can instantly review Partial Discharge (PD) levels or rotor status, allowing maintenance to be meticulously planned.


For Partial Discharge acquisition and more…

Offering permanent, remote access enabling both the user and the Quartzteq expert to instantly review machine status, LIFEVIEW LIVE is a modular solution which can be adapted to incorporate additional multiple parameter measurement. A trend is automatically updated with each measurement taken, clearly showing the evolution of PD levels or further optional information regarding rotor and stator insulation status.

  • Additional monitoring modules available include; Shaft Voltage and Air Gap
  • Provides the highest level of reassurance for critical assets requiring continuous monitoring
  • Only one PD coupler per phase is required
  • Use of ‘forbidden band technique’ enables a PD pattern with no thyristor/diode commutation disturbance to be acquired

Parameters Available for Measurement

Partial Discharge


Air Gap Flux


Shaft Voltage


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