About Us

About Us

A technical expert focused on developing products that protect rotating machine assets throughout their lifespan

About Us

Quartzteq is a unique organisation; one that specialises in the development of specific products, all with the singular purpose of protecting rotating machine assets throughout their lifespan.

Part of the Quartzelec group of companies - an unrivalled service partner in the field of rotating electrical machines and electrical contracting in both UK and global markets, Quartzteq is a vital element of the overall offering of the Quartzelec group with a range of products designed to support both the OEM and owner/operator.

Unique... because our understanding of the fundamental concepts of how rotating machines are designed, built and operate is at our very core with a 100 year legacy of understanding the complexities of AC and DC, induction and synchronous, motors and generators.

Being at the forefront of new concepts in the protection and life enhancement of electrical machines, Quartzteq continues to demonstrate their proficiency in developing product solutions for both new machines or as retro-fit options, with the necessary accreditations/certifications in place.

Our team are highly integrated within the Quartzelec business, enhancing our supply of product by enabling a full service through supply, installation, commissioning, spares support and ongoing maintenance.

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