Hydro Generators

Hydro Generators

Years of experience in the support and service of Hydro Generators with a range of product solutions designed to maximise performance and enhance operational life

Hydro Generators

Around 20% of the world's total electricity is generated through hydro power and this is expected to increase year-on-year. Seen as a cost effective resource with a long economic life it is not unusual for operating plants to display a service life of between 50–100 years. Indeed generators previously manufactured by our heritage companies almost 80 years ago are still performing in hydro stations around the world today.

Hydro Generators will operate with some level of eccentricity that though small is not negligible and which can develop as a root cause of failure. Assessing any eccentricity can help to guarantee a safe operation and prevent serious damage. Additionally with plants today mostly automated, only minimal personnel on site during operation is necessary; therefore installing permanent, online monitoring can prove a useful tool in ensuring optimal performance remotely.

Developed by machine experts, the suite of LIFEVIEW® Monitoring Solutions can be perfectly optimised to help ensure the future reliability of the generator.


Hydro Generator Monitoring:

Choice of LIFEVIEW Analysers:

  • LIFEVIEW PDA II is our cost-effective solution for Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring, along with options for Shaft Voltage and Air Gap Flux - a device focused on 24/7 data collection that can be easily downloaded or viewed remotely
  • LIFEVIEW MOBILE is our mobile solution for periodic online PD measurements, along with options for Shaft Voltage and Air Gap Flux, that can be easily transported and deployed at site
  • LIFEVIEW LIVE - the solution for your most critical asset with multiple parameter monitoring capability

Multiple Parameter Measurements with:


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