LIFEVIEW® QTDLF is compact and portable test set which is combination of QLF (0.1Hz) and QTD (50Hz/60Hz) test kits. This kit is perfectly suitable for both OEM’s who prefer the factory tests at power frequency and for service providers who prefer field tests at 0.1Hz.

The test instrument is designed to be tested up to 20kV phase to ground, meaning it is suitable for almost all motors and generators world-wide. Communication with the device is established through a fiber optic link ensuring maximum safety for the user while testing HV equipment.


Suitable for Mobile HV Testing and Workshop Facilities

  • A combined measurement system for Dissipation Factor (Tan Delta), Partial Discharge (PD), Polarisation Index (PI) (at 0.1Hz) and Insulation Resistance (IR) (at 0.1Hz)
  • Can be used with a portable low frequency 0.1Hz HV source and a 50Hz/60Hz HV source
  • Using the QTDLF with low frequency (0.1Hz) power source allows easy deployment of equipment; access to difficult environments and reduced size and weight of test kit (less than 55kg)

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