Purge Systems

Purge Systems

Protecting high voltage machines operating in potentially explosive atmospheres

Purge Systems

Purge and pressurizing is an industry accepted solution for HV machines that operate in potentially explosive atmospheres and is particularly suitable for larger equipment where other standard forms of protection; such as flameproof enclosures are unsuitable. [more]

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Today’s standards and certification requirements are stringent, developing significantly over the past 30 years to achieve higher levels of safety; designed to limit and control ignition risk presented by electrical apparatus in hazardous areas, with potential sources of ignition including; high surface temperatures, sparking and static. As leading rotating machine specialists with OEM expertise, the QuartzPurge systems have been developed to take account of this.

We have over 80 years of first-hand knowledge in both designing and manufacturing both high voltage motors and high voltage generators for operation in hazardous area environments and over 35 years of being at the forefront in developing a modern and appropriate, technically sound purge and pressurisation system to meet the tightening restrictions of the world’s certification stage.

Our systems have been supplied as new to all major OEM’s as well as retro-fitted to machines in operation across the globe; both offshore and onshore, from the UK oil rigs to the oil, gas and petro-chemical facilities in the Middle East and Asia.

Why use Quartzpurge?

Installing a QuartzPurge purge and pressurising system on your HV electric motor brings with it a high level of confidence knowing that your asset will be more than adequately protected during operation in a hazardous environment.

There are many challenges when it comes to purging and pressurising an HV machine in terms of the typical construction.

  • Cooling fans and ventilating ducts vary air pressure around the machine
  • Regions of below atmospheric pressure may existing
  • Changes to quality of machines sealing joints affects machine leakage rates
  • Fluctuating cooling media temperatures can also have a significant influence on leakage variations
  • During starting machines exhibit significant transient dip in pressure

When considering the design and development of suitable purge systems, the inherent machine constructions needed to be considered along with the over-riding requirement for the most cost effective solutions in terms of procurement and operation to be considered.

The QuartzPurge systems are designed to offer:

  • Engineering to the highest standard with a rugged construction
  • Compensation for disparities to minimise the pressurising air requirement
  • Economical use of pressurised air 
  • Detailed indication/easy indication of purge and pressurisation status
  • A pneumatic operation, offering a simpler approach to purge and pressurising and where no electrical supply is required
  • A full electronic version, offering higher levels of functionality and efficient use of compressed air, with the control box housed in a safe area


Aftermarket / Product Support

Our ATEX certified systems are available for fitment on newly manufactured machines, as replacement systems for pre-ATEX devices or indeed retro-fitted on machines that have been re-classified in terms of zoning. We are equally comfortable offering a replacement and upgrade of purge and pressurisation systems of other OEM manufacture. Be assured that we are on-hand to support with full installation and commissioning as well as ongoing maintenance, repair and spares provision for both the QuartzPurge systems and the associated HV motor as required. 


  • For new installations, full connection instructions and drawings are supplied ensuring client has clear and consciisce information to carry out;
  • Install brackets to suit QuartzPurge assembly
  • Mounting of QuartzPurge assembly
  • Connections to air supply
  • Connections to the POR (Purge Outlet Relief Valve)
  • Connection of pressure transmitters (QuartzPurge Electronic only)
  • Recommendations for air supply filters to be fitted
  • Installation of control unit in safe area (QuartzPurge Electronic only)


Commissioning of the QuartzPurge systems should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of both the purge and pressurisation system and the machine by an approved person. A full range of commissioning tools required will be supplied.

Care must be exercised to ensure that commissioning is carried out in a safe manner and starting a machine should not occur until the system has been proved.

Parent company, Quartzelec is able to provide full commissioning support ensuring; initial settings are made, confirming operation is satisfactory, full system functionality, trouble shooting and system adjustments, leakage variation as well as interfacing to machine control is sound.


Maintenance and Repair

ATEX Certified Systems

In accordance with ATEX requirements, inspection of the installed purge system must be carried out every three years as a minimum. Spares are available and include;

  • Pressure transmitters
  • Purge Flow Transmitters
  • Complete valve unit (recommended)
  • Complete control unit (recommended)

All maintenance should be carried out in-line with instruction manual written to EN60079-17, by a competent person. Any repairs must be carried out in line with EN60079-19 with only genuine replacement parts used.


Pre-ATEX Certified Systems

We recommend that consideration is given to replacing existing pre-ATEX control systems with modern day, ATEX approved equipment, rather than looking to replace single element components due to aging.

When any replacement components are fitted, the QuartzPurge systems must be fully re-commissioned in order to confirm performance meets specified application requirements.

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