QuartzPurge Electronic

The QuartzPurge Electronic is designed specifically for rotating machines and is particularly suitable for larger equipment due to its ability to compensate for variations in sealing. As the provision of compressed air can be costly, the QuartzPurge Electronic system has been specifically designed to minimise the use of pressurising air by automatically accommodating changes in leakage rates of enclosures and reducing the enclosure pressure to a safe minimum once the machine has started. ATEX certified, the QuartzPurge Electronic system has been designed for rotating machines but can equally be used for any purged and pressurised equipment which is within its operating capability.



QuartzPurge Electronic:  Sira 11ATEX1297U
  Ex ia [px] IIC Gb (Ta = -10˚C to +60˚C)
Solenoid Valves: Sira 02ATEX9209
  Ex ia IIC T4

Product Development

The QuartzPurge Electronic system is an engineered replacement of the pre-ATEX, Purgepak LCE system, which first went in production in the early 1990’s in a direct response to providing a unique solution to securing and enhancing the safety of rotating electrical machines in hazardous area environments including; offshore, oil, gas and petro-chemical industries, refineries as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing arena.

System Overview

QuartzPurge Electronic encompasses essentially a separate control unit, to be mounted in a safe area, and a purge system assembly which is mounted on the rotating machine asset. The QuartzPurge control unit has been designed to be fitted into the rotating machine’s control panel with various inputs allowing remote requests to perform a number of operations including; initiate a purge cycle, confirmation of continuous machine running when in operation, remote request for machine start following purge, and reset of alarms. 

Before the machine is allowed to start, the purging cycle must be completed and pressure must be established inside the machine. Provided the machine pressure is maintained above its low pressure limit, there is no requirement to repeat the purging for subsequent starts.

Quartz Purge Electronic in Detail


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