QuartzPurge Pneumatic

The QuartzPurge Pneumatic, Purgepak LCP51 is a well proven pneumatically controlled purging and pressurising system that has been specifically designed for rotating electrical machines sited in potentially explosive atmospheres. Fully ATEX certified, the QuartzPurge Pneumatic has been developed and engineered to offer a cost effective and reliable solution to purging and pressurising.



QuartzPurge Pneumatic: Sira 03ATEX1233U
  Ex [p] Ex px IIC Gb (T amb -10˚C to 60˚C)
Solenoid Valve: Sira 02ATEX9209
  Ex ia IIC T4 (T amb 60˚C)    

Product Development

The origins of the QuartzPurge Pneumatic system date back to the mid 1990’s when low pressure and low differential pressure pneumatic relays were first developed by our heritage companies in Rugby, forming the basis of this pneumatic system. Design changes made in 2002 to improve its operation and the changes made to meet certification requirements, have further enhanced reliability and have extended the range of machines that can be protected. Throughout development the system has previously been known as ‘Purgepak’, ‘Purgepak LCP50’ and ‘Purgepak LCP51’. Today however, under our expertise the QuartzPurge Pneumatic system offers users an enhanced solution for a pneumatic approach to purge and pressurising.

System Overview

QuartzPurge Pneumatic encompasses a valve control unit which manages the supply of air for the purging and pressurising of the machine enclosure, and an outlet unit for measuring purge flow, a spark arrestor and an over pressure relief capability.

As the valve control unit is of pneumatic operation no electrical supply is required, however the facility does exist to initiate the purge cycle remotely by electrical input if required.

Before a machine is started, the QuartzPurge Pneumatic ensures that the machine enclosure is purge and kept pressurised to above 3 mBar (default). Provided the enclosure pressure does not fall below the minimum pre-set 3 mBar level, the machine can be stop-started as required without the need to re-purge the enclosure before each start. If the enclosure pressure falls below the default pressure then the system will prevent the machine being restarted until a full purge has been again carried out. The machine enclosure pressure is adjusted using a flow control valve.

The purge cycle can be initiated locally by pneumatic push-button or remotely by electrical input. Purging is controlled by a pneumatic timer and the purge flow is monitored to ensure that the machine is purged with the correct flow rate.

Visual indication through mechanical indicators ensures easy viewing with clear and simple readings including; ‘machine pressurised’, ‘purge flow satisfactory’ and ‘purge fail’.

Volt-free contacts are provided for ‘machine pressurised’ and ‘purge and pressurised’ to enable QuartzPurge Pneumatic to be interfaced with the machine control system.

Quartz Purge Pneumatic in Detail


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