Electro-mechanical Plant

Electro-mechanical Plant

Machine experts with an in-depth knowledge of associated electro-mechanical plant

Electro-mechanical Plant

As electrical machine experts with multiple years’ experience in the design, manufacture, test, installation, maintenance and service of high voltage electrical motors and generators, we have acquired an indepth knowledge of associated driven equipment and static plant.

Vibration is often a key factor in machine defects and continuous monitoring without interrupting service can play a vital role in early detection, avoiding catastrophic failure.

Quartzteq’s LIFEVIEW system has been specifically developed to assist owners/operators of electro-mechanical plant to create a solution that can enhance the operational life of their assets including; pumps, fans and compressors as well as motors and generators, in an effort to minimise unplanned outages.


Vibration Monitoring  - the QVibe solution

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