Shell Tern Alpha Platform

Shell Tern Alpha Platform

Project Summary

Service: Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning

Duration: 20 Weeks 


Discovered in 1975, the then owned Royal Dutch Shell Tern oilfield started production from its Alpha platform in 1989. This steel jacketed production and drilling facility exports oil via the Brent System to the Sullom Voe Terminal.

Having ingested gas and ignited, a 10MW gas compressor large cage induction drive motor suffered a fire and irreparable damage, causing a major loss in production.

The Project

Quartzelec were awarded the contract to supply a new duplicate IK145M104 induction motor.

As with all major items on an offshore oil rig, size and weight are vital in the design and engineering process. Quartzelec undertook the design, engineering, manufacture and complete project management including installation and commissioning within a 20 week delivery period.

As a drive critical to the process the platform was shut down. Lead time was therefore important to Shell and in order to reduce risk, Quartzelec also recommended and fitted the LCP Purgepak Purging and Pressurization system to the replacement motor.

The LCP Purgepak, designed to keep a positive pressure inside the motor at all times and exclude the possibility of the ingress of flammable gas, was a positive addition to Shell.

The new motor was built, tested and ultimately certified EEx'p' for use in this demanding Zone 1 area.


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